LETIS International Annual Meeting 2020

19 March 2020 · Lanzamientos

The first International LETIS  Annual Meeting was held in February in Nürnberg, Germany. With the aim of  congregating all LETIS’s team members around the world, we shared together a complete week of intense work.

With its  headquarters office located  in the city of Rosario, Argentina, LETIS’s team of professionals is distributed in several countries, which ensures the accompaniment and proximity to the producer throughout each step of the certification process.

The presence of LETIS around the world makes it necessary to create meeting points where all its members convergE with the aim of exchanging ideas, aligning technical criterials, thinking new strategies and, most of all, strengthening relationships and creating a  sense of belonging.

So far all the meetings  had been held in Rosario, but the  growing internationalization of LETIS made it necessary  to start making these meetings in different strategic places . This first year,  Germany was chosen in the framework of the world’s leading organic food fair, BIOFACH 2020.

During 2019 , LETIS has opened new offices in Chile and Peru, in addition to the ones already located in China, India, Bangladesh, Turkey and Pakistan. 

Every year,  LETIS’s Annual Meetings become more important for all of our team members. The quality of the meetings, debates and trainings show the effort and commitment of the company, which are reflected in the added value of its services.