LETIS in Turkey

We traveled to the city of Izmir to work with our partners The internationalization of LETIS has allowed us to take our services to a large number of countries on different continents, implying a great challenge not only professionally, but also culturally. During October, members of our LETIS Argentina team traveled to Turkey to work […]

19 December 2019 · Equipo LETIS

LETIS in Canada

Due to its prestige and international credibility, LETIS has been able to expand itself beyond the borders of Argentina, exporting its services and its knowledge to the entire world. Canada was one of the first countries to trust and promote the internationalization of LETIS. There, our portfolio of loyal customers, located throughout the whole country, […]

28 June 2019 · Equipo LETIS

LETIS recognized as an equivalent certification body to the EU for wines

We are proud to inform to our winery clients that from now on works they will be allowed to export organic wines to the EU directly by LETIS. LETIS obtained the authorization last November 2014, in Regulation Nº 1287/2014. However the EU made a mistake in the geographical scope for wines and did not “click” […]

6 February 2015 · Lanzamientos