List of Accreditations

OAA – ISO 65 , Organic and GLOBALG.A.P. scopes.

LETIS is accredited by the OAA (Argentine Accreditation Agency) to test and certify products as independent third party organization under ISO 65.

ISO 65 is the standard for product certification bodies recognized worldwide. Its accreditation indicates that LETIS has implemented a quality control system, transparent and equitable procedures to their clients, that it verifies as independent third party agency, providing reliable certificates of compliance internationally.



SENASA Argentina

LETIS is registered and subscribed as Organic Certification Body of animal and vegetable products, according to Argentina’s SENASA Resolution No 598/98 and No 599/98.

IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement)

LETIS is accredited by IOAS (International Organic Accreditation Service) and is part of its Multilateral Agreement between organic certification bodies.

The IFOAM accreditation seeks to harmonize the conformity systems assessment of organic certification bodies in different parts of the world. Through this agreement, 36 certification bodies in over 15 countries accept products under this certification to continue controlling the compliance through the value chain.

EUROPEAN UNION – Council Regulation EEC No 834 /07, Third Country Equivalency (Argentina), and Equivalent Certification Body (Worldwide)

LETIS is approved by the European Union as an argentine Certification Body, through the Third Country Equivalency, and as an International Certification Body, through the Certification Body Equivalency, being able to grant organic certificates equivalent to the European Union.

USDA (Department of Agriculture United States) – NOP (National Organic Program)

LETIS is accredited by the USDA for the organic certification of products, under the NOP standard.

CFIA (Food Inspection Agency of Canada) – COR (Canadian Organic Regime)

LETIS is accredited by the CFIA for the organic certification of products under the COR Standard.

CARTV (Conseil des Appellations Réservées et des Termes Valorisants)

LETIS is accredited by the CARTV for the organic certification of products in Quebec, Canada.


BIOSUISSE (Swiss Accreditation of organic certification)

LETIS is recognized by the Swiss agency Biosuisse for the verification of Biosuisse requirements.

JAS (Japan Agricultural Standard)

LETIS is authorized to certify organic vegetable production according to JAS requirements.

GLOBALG.A.P . (Global – Good Agricultural Practices)

LETIS is accredited by GLOBALG.A.P. for the certification of fruits and vegetables and crops in bulk.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)

LETIS is accredited by the IOAS for GOTS certification under the following scopes: Certification of mechanical processing of textile (spinning, weaving, etc.) and its products;  wet processing of textile (dyeing, pattern);  finishing operations and its products ; and commercial operations.


OCS (Organic Content Standard)

LETIS is accredited to certify OCS to industries of textile production, cosmetics, personal care products , among others. OCS applies to any non- food industry containing from 5 % to 100 % organic material.


RWS (Responsible Wool Standard)

LETIS is accredited of the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) for the scope of Farm and Supply Chain Custody. RWS provides the industry a toll to recognize the best practices of farmers; ensuring that wool comes from farms with a progressive approach to managing their land, and from sheep that have been treated responsibly.

Agreements with Certification Bodies and other Organizations

LETIS has agreements with BIO- INSPECTA, DEMETER (certificación BIODINAMICA), FAIRCERT, IBD and SOIL ASSOCIATION in order to support the trade relations between our customers in Asia, Latin America, Europe and North America.