What we do

LETIS audits and certifies compliance with standards, protocols and quality systems, such as: Standards for Organic Production of Argentina, United States, European Union, Switzerland, Canada and Japan; Supermarkets Quality Standard GLOBALG.A.P.; international Standard for organic textiles, GOTS; and HACCP systems; among others.

Initial Documents for the certification and the Fee Chart are publicly available under request: Please request them at the email info@letis.org

How does LETIS certify?


Why are LETIS certificates reliable?

  • LETIS is accredited by international organizations, which control its work periodically. See the list of Accreditations.
  • Its certification system is administered in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner.
  • LETIS is a company of independent, third-party certification.
  • LETIS sets strict confidentiality and conflict of interest mechanisms among its members.